I am Dr. Atsuo Yanagisawa, physician in Japan, and also served as The president of The International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine. I would like to introduce you today is, orthomolecular medicine and High Dose Intravenous Vitamin C Therapy for Cancer Patients.

Vitamin C is a very important nutrients in humans. In 1976, Two times Novel Prize Winner, Dr. Linus Pauling demonstrated that supplementation of Vitamin C showed 6 times longer survival in terminal cancer patients. However, Vitamin C therapy was ignored by modern medical doctors.

Recently, many medical report demonstrated that the effectiveness of intravenous Vitamin C therapy for cancer treatment. According to the study of National Institute of Health, USA, High concentration of Vitamin C produce Hydrogen peroxide and this hydrogen peroxide selectively kills cancer cells, and does not harm normal cells. Now, clinical studies of intravenous Vitamin C are in progress in the USA, Canada, Denmark and Japan for malignant lymphoma, cancer of the ovary, liver, pancreas, colon, prostate gland, brain and others.

As you know, standard chemotherapy has strong adverse reactions and drastically lowers patient's quality of life. According to our study, Intravenous Vitamin C therapy significantly improve quality of life in cancer patients. Now in Japan, this Vitamin C therapy is ranked at No.1 Doctors choice of cancer treatment if they had a cancer.

I show a case. This 54 yrs female was stage 4 stomach cancer with liver and bone metastasis. When she came to my clinic, She is only 24 kg of body weight. I gave 75g intravenous Vitamin C, twice a week. Now, she completely recovered with a body weight of 40kg. She has no sign of cancer.

Intravenous Vitamin C therapy is the orthomolecular medicine. Orthomolecular medicine is, treating or preventing diseases by providing the body with optimal amounts of nutrition which are natural to the body. Vitamins, Minerals and other nutrients are known to be more effective at times in treating illness than Medicine. 
Medicine should not be the first choice for treatment even in cancer except in an urgent situation.

Algerian Society for Nutrition and Orthomolecular Medicine provide this excellent nutrition therapy for you. With orthomolecular Nutrition, Algerian people can live healthier lives and be free of illness and the dangerous side effects of modern medicine. 
Listen! Nutrition is very important for your health, because, you are made from what you eat.

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