Letter of the President:
By choosing orthomolecular medicine as an integrative approach for healing, we are convinced to make the right choice because the results in practice  confirm it.
So in SANMO, we are very closed to the right medicine because we prevent and treat diseases by providing the body the right molecules which are natural.
We regularly update the  knowledge in the field of nutrition and well-being. To achieve  this goal, a dynamic and passionate team works hard to promote and spread values of othomolecular approach. Algeria has since been at the forefront of implementing the principles of orthomolecular medicine in the region. We also work very closely with ISOM and other foreign partners for the exchange of experience  and knowledge. We are therefore sharing any protocol or therapists that have been proven their effectiveness. 
Since 2011, we organise each year continual improving seminars to explain the efficiency of integrative medicine for conventional practitioners. We also have previously published and distributed 32 reviews Ortho and 5 handbooks OrthDZ in order to summarize all the activitie, the research and the conferences given by leading lecturers. 
At last we feel that step by step, we are demonstrated the effectiveness of this leading therapy and in a near future creat a real revolution in worldwide healthcare.
Dr Ilyes Baghli.
President SANMO.
Conception : VITAMINEDZ